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Are Radio Buttons Ga Ga?

When you’re building a form there’s a whole lotta variables you have to think about from a UX point of view. And one of the key things to consider is your fields. A seemingly little thing that can make a big (dare I say epic) difference to your conversion rates.

So how do you choose weather to opt for radio buttons or a dropdown field?

Good question.

Both can be effective, you’ve just go to make sure you apply them in the right situations.

Let’s look at radio buttons first. These are perfect if you want to offer users a choice and from this choice select just one option. They are simple to process and allow for comparison as all options remain visible. They also give you a greater element of control over the label design (as it’s standard HTML coding). Sound perfect don’t they?

But…you really don’t want a loooong list with a whole bunch of radio buttons. This won’t make for a good user experience (and will look plain ugly). Generally, 6 options is your max, anymore and your page is going to look cluttered, users will be unhappy and your conversion rates unhealthy. (The opposite of what we are trying to achieve here).

Drop it like it’s hot.

More than 7-15 options in a form? Dropdown lists are for you. They enable you to offer users more choice (without taking up a huge amount of space). Dropdowns allow you to organise your form content into sub categories, which makes your page tidier, and easier to navigate. The result? A happier user with a more enjoyable experience.

It's logical really. 

But if you’re still not quite sure, follow our diagram on the right. (Please note: I use the term 'diagram' loosely).

We literally couldn't make it any simpler.

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