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How To Create A Kick-Ass Form

Make it simple. And concise. Seems obvious doesn’t it? But many forms don’t have respect for their user’s time. Keep   fields to a minimum, ask only vital details, or give users a darn good reason why the information is needed. In essence, keep it short and sweet…or be prepared for a serious case of form abandonment.
Make your CTA shout. If users don’t see it, they won’t use it. Simple. So make your CTA stand out. Consider its size (the bigger the better), location (always above the fold) colour (we like bright and contrasting). If users have to search for your CTA… well… they just won’t. They’ll leave.
Use action orientated language. ‘Submit’ is a UX sin. And it’s lazy. Use compelling words like ‘Free’ (always a winner) ‘Download’, ‘Get’ or ‘Try’. Eliminate all boring, over-used CTA’s now. (See, it works).
Reinforce trust. This is vital. If users don’t trust you, they won’t convert.  And who can blame them. Forms need to alleviate anxiety, and relax the user. The best way to do this is highlight the fact that their personal details will be secure. Include trust badges. They will make your users feel comfortable and more inclined to hand over their particulars.
The sense of urgency. Users have an inherent fear of missing out. Adopting phrases such as “Receive your free download today”, “Apply now, limited spaces” or “Get your exclusive money off voucher here” will send users into an orchestrated sense of panic. Followed by a conversion.
Incentivise. We just love to be rewarded. Users will typically assess the mental effort it takes to complete a form with the value they perceive they will get from using your site. So make them an offer they can’t ignore. Give them a downloadable discount voucher upon completion, offer them 20% off, etc and watch your conversion rates sky rocket.
Real time evaluation. No one likes to make mistakes. Especially on forms. But advising users straight away if they have, and being really specific about what’s incorrect will let them save face and quickly amend.  Don’t leave them guessing or painfully scrolling through the form to try and figure out where it all went wrong. Imagine you’re a teacher with a big red pen. Highlight the offending fields. Make it easy.
In each and every case, the golden UX rule is to test, test, test.

Small changes to your forms can produce really big results.

(You’re welcome).
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