We use advanced analytics techniques to understand how users are currently interacting with sites and apps.  This analysis forms the basis of any user testing we do, and tells us where the priorities are for investigation.

Our analytics people have a vast amount of experience with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and a wide range of analytical tools.  Scroll through the below services to see how we can gather great insight from your site or apps’ data.

  • Mobile Analytics

    We use our advanced analysis and segmentation to determine where the biggest barriers to engagement are on mobile sites and apps.  Then, we’ll produce a research plan to understand why those barriers are occurring.

  • Visitor Journey Analysis

    Before we understand how to influence user journeys, we must first understand the current journeys users are taking.  E.g. Are there consistent leakages points? How many stages are there with new visitor journeys?

  • Content Effectiveness

    We analyse which pieces of content are most, and least effective in generating conversions and engagement.  E.g. Which pieces of content are most likely to drive conversions from new and repeat visitors? 

  • Heatmap Analysis

    We will implement click, attention and scroll heatmaps on key parts of the site or app, to understand where visitors are interacting, where they aren’t interacting, and which parts of the page are receiving most attention.  

  • Attribution Modeling & Analysis

    We understand that it’s not just post-click factors which influence conversion and engagement, but pre-click factors too (i.e. traffic sources).  We’ll analyse how different traffic sources interact with each to produce good quality visits.

Other Conversion Services

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