Live Site Testing

Our conversioneers manage split A/B/n tests, and multivariate tests, to determine which versions of pages and designs generate higher conversions and engagement.

Our live site testing programmes are iterative, and carefully planned.  We don’t settle for a conversion rate, and will make sure your site or app is the best performing in your industry.  We’ve quadrupled conversion and engagement rates for our clients.  

  • Split A / B Testing

    We’ll split test versions of conversion-crucial pages live, to see which ones are most productive.  Our split tests can be implemented across different browsers, on mobile and tablet devices, and we can test different funnels. 

  • Multivariate Testing

    We’ll multivariate test different elements within a conversion-crucial page, to which combinations of elements provide the most product page.  Our multivariate tests are prioritised and factored into a testing plan.

  • Website Personalisation

    We can go beyond split and multivariate tests, and personalise landing pages and conversion-crucial pages according to each visitor.  We can use over 15 criteria for personalisation (e.g. location, traffic source, behavioural traits).

Other Conversion Services

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