User Research

We conduct user testing programmes to get to the heart of why users do what they do on sites and apps.  Our UX research techniques reveal user motivations for buying, enquiring, clicking, and repeat visiting on your site.

Our UX people will profile your audience, and test those profiles using a range of methods from one-to-one and remote usability testing to card sorting and depth interviews.  Combined with our analytics insight, our user research will form the foundation of the live site testing plan.

  • Mobile & Tablet Usability

    We’ve use specialist mobile and tablet testing devices, and employ inventive research techniques to extract the best insight from our mobile usability tests.  Our usability testing always follows extensive advanced analytics work.

  • UX Research

    We employ a variety of different methods when gathering user requirements. From 1-to-1 facilitated testing, to focus groups and remote testing. Again, we ensure that any user research planning is underpinned by findings from analytics.

  • Eye Tracking

    We use the latest eye tracking technology to record exactly what users are looking at on a desktop, mobile or tablet screen. We also analyse the order in which users see elements of a screen (gaze plots).

  • Copy & Language Studies

    We realise that it's not only designs and layouts which drive conversion and engagement rates, but also language. We will determine the most effective headings and copy in generating positive action and retention on a site or an app.

Other Conversion Services

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